IRS Refund Release Date Updates 2020

Have you filed your taxes and anxiously waiting for a refund release date? Well due to the PATH ACT all tax payers who qualify for ADCTC (Additional Child Tax Credit); EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit); CTC (Child Tax Credit); will experience longer wait times due to extra anti- theft protocol the IRS has established to ensure that all those who are claiming the credits above are rightfully due those credits as allocated on the tax return.

Best times to Check the IRS " Where is my Refund" section? Tax season is in full swing now with the first set of EITC refunds being released Wednesday February 26, 2020. For those who were not eligible for the credit saw refund dates starting February 25, 2020. The IRS website is experiencing heavy traffic. The best time to check the IRS , "Where is my Refund" link is on Saturday morning when the most current up to date refund status

information will be readily available. Please note that checking the website once is all that is needed, multiple attempts in the same 24 hr. period will cause you to lose access to the website for a 24 hr. period.

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