$600 Direct Payment to Americans! Covid-19 Relief Bill 💰💰💰

Finally, Many Americans will receive a second direct payment (stimulus check) as promised. Congress reached a deal on a $900 billion dollar Relief Bill that will grant more funding to help struggling Americans stay afloat during the pandemic.

The bill will provide a $600.00 payment for each American. Same guidelines will apply as the previous stimulus payment with minor modifications. Those whose income is up to $75,000 will received the full $600 payment. As previously stated the payments are based on income tax filings on record with the IRS for tax years 2018 & 2019. Electronic payments will be processed first, and those receiving paper checks will be processed last.

Those receiving unemployment benefits will receive an additional $300 weekly benefit under the PUA program. Unemployment payments for gig workers and independent contractor will continue as well under the PUA program.

The Paycheck Protection Program will also receive additional funding in the amount of $284 billion dollar to further assist small business owners. Other agencies also receiving additional funding will be: the government food and nutrition program (SNAP); rental assistance programs, colleges, and internet providers will all received additional funding under this 900 billion dollar Covid-19 Relief Bill.

Please continue to follow my page for more updates on the new bill.

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